Manowar (various artists) – Il tributo Russo per Kings of Metal

Jaar: 2004
Speelduur: 62:08
Uitgave: jewelcase
Score: ★★½☆☆


Kingdom Come (Black Obelisk)
Gloves of Metal (Rossomahaar)
Heart of Steel (Adolf Castle)
Return of the Warlord (Piece Of Mind)
Hector Storms the Wall (Eshelon)
Number 1 (Argir)
Carry On (Trizna)
Fighting the World (Kruger)
Blood of the Kings (Psylocybe Larvae)
Brothers of Metal (Nord’N’Commander)
Call to Arms (Skorzeny)
Spirit Horse of the Cherokee (Gardarica)
Kingdom Come (Black Obelisk & Kruger)

Zonder twijfel de beste tien lari die ik ooit ergens aan besteed heb. Cult.

Marduk - Those of the Unlight
Manowar - Gods of War

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